MeeGoPad Intel HDMI MiniPC Stick Notes

Power from USB port on my desktop PC w/ included microUSB cable.
Used generic HDMI to DVI adapter to plug into standard 17″ LCD monitor for testing.
You have to hold the power button on the unit for a couple seconds. Then the blue LED glows.

Intial boot-up. Had the screen turned off so missed any BIOS messages.
“Test Mode” in large gray letters appeared over Windows Desktop.
System automatically logs in as Administrator.
Lower right corner says Windows 8.1 with Bing Build 9600.

Plugged in wireless keyboard/touchpad RF receiver (Logitech K400r).
Screen resolution defaulted to 1280×1024 (on 17″ 4×3 screen).
Open Network and Sharing Center and was able to join my WiFi network no problem.
“Test Mode” large gray lettering remains superimposed “in front” of everything else on the screen. It is not a desktop background.

Reboot and “Test Mode” goes away. Could not get this to re-appear. Oh well.
System control panel says “Windows is not activated”, as expected.
Noticed some Chinese in Explorer menus. Used Region and Language control panels to change to United States and English.
Had to Reboot to get Intel HD Graphics Card menus to change to English.
Time Zone defaulted to Beijing.

Tried to “Activate Windows” and “Buy Key” in system control panel, but got an error: “Sorry, you can’t buy keys online in this country or region, but you can buy Windows from a retailer near you.” Changing Region control panel back to China had no effect.
Planning to install Ubuntu anyway. Just exploring the Windows options.

Some links…

Triple Install Ubuntu/Android/Windows – Ian Morrison

Ubuntu Bluetooth Drivers – Jud Christophe

Bios File – Jud Christophe

Bios Settings Video – Jeremy Naglich

Unboxing – GizChina

Inserted MicroSD card. Going to try to get Ubuntu downloaded.

To be continued…

Ordered from MakeTheOne for $109.00 with premium shipping for $12.99, total $121.99.
Ordered on Jan 27, 2015 8:05 PM.
Shipping was FedEx International Priority service.
Delivery attempted Jan 30, 2015 10:27 AM, but I was not available.
Package and held at FedEx distribution facility and re-attempted next business day.
Recommend adding note requesting signature release.


Started setting up the Windows system that shipped with the unit for home theater.
Installed the following software…
– VLC Media Player
– Combined Community Codec Pack
– Utorrent
– Google Chrome
– ClassicShell
– Notepad++
Added some bookmarks for online content…
System is now showing the “Test Mode” message again, all of a sudden. Found a video on how to get rid of it…
Basically, open run sysprep and click Generalize with other settings defaulted, but this may wipe out all of the previous configuration, so gotta make notes first.

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